Randwick, NSW

Bought post-auction 12/4/2019

2 Clyde Street, Randwick

A family reuniting after a separation needed their next home to be perfect for their fresh start. This house was interesting enough, with plenty of room for the family of 5 (and a dog!) to stretch out. It was also in the ideal spot, where the children could walk to school, have friends around and it was in a quiet cul-de-sac. After doing our due-diligence, we put in our offer – it was rejected. The real estate agent kept asking for an increased bid but I wouldn’t bid against myself. I advised my clients to walk away. Months went passed and other properties were considered but this house was still on the market and still ticked a lot of boxes. To cut a long story short, four months after we put in our initial offer, my clients bought it for $200,000 less! Get in touch with us to find out the whole story.

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