Beaconsfield, NSW

Bought Pre-Auction, January 2020

9/22-28 Victoria Street, Beaconsfield

My lovely first time buyers felt the market was running away from them. Their budget was tight for what they wanted but I felt that it could be done so I decided to work with them. In their panic they were looking at new, bright and shiny apartments in areas that were over developed and risked going down, not up in value. After dissecting their brief we came across this 2004 build of 15 units. It had everything they wanted – light & bright, privacy, two bathrooms, internal laundry, in a quiet residential street, close to public transport and parking (oh and pet friendly for their puppy). They were put off as it was “tired” but I could see the potential and soon they could too. We exchanged 2 days before the auction at a price they were super happy with.

Bought: $861,000 25/2/20

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